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Iron and Steel Industry

In the iron and steel industries, refractors are commonly utilized. The use of refractory materials in iron and steel plants necessitates a great deal of care. We have highly skilled experts on team that will overcome any obstacles.

All refractory materials in the iron and steel sector are fulfilled by our organization, as per your requirement. We may provide complete application services for your projects in this way.

Our major uses include blast furnaces and stoves. Our crew has successfully completed hot repairs of coke battery furnaces as well as refractory work on totally new coke batteries.

Our business constructs all scaffolds necessary for refractory applications. Scaffolding is built to international standards under the supervision of scaffolding engineers with extensive experience in the industry. The current scaffoldings are subjected to daily quality check.

After refractory treatments, we provide a drying service for the entire system. We have all of the drying and heating equipment as a firm.

All refractory work done at the facilities throughout the year is one of our key operations for the iron and steel sector.