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Cement Industry

One of our key areas of activity is cement factory refractory works. We’re working on new cement lines as well as adjustments to existing cement plants. With our successful and experienced staff, we do refractory dismantling, refractory application, anchor welding, and scaffolding work.

In refractory applications, we work extremely hard to get the greatest possible quality. We have maximal application power in the shortest amount of time thanks to our extensive machine equipment and staff portfolio. We focus worker safety and place a premium on quality during the revision.

Our business constructs all scaffolds necessary for refractory applications. Scaffolding is built to international standards under the supervision of scaffolding engineers with extensive experience in the industry. The current scaffoldings are subjected to daily quality check.

We offer drying service for the whole system after refractory applications. As a company, we have all the drying and heating equipment.