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Glass Industry

In the glass sector, we provide refractory application services for new projects as well as hot and cold repairs. We’ve done research on flat glass furnaces, bottle and glassware furnaces, oxy furnaces, and Izocam furnaces thus far. Since 1999, refractory applications for three flat glass, twelve bottles and glassware, two oxy furnaces, and two Izocam furnaces have been completed successfully.

Our team includes superior molders, bricklayers, and bathroom applicators for the glass sector, which has highly particular refractory applications. In comparison to the refractory applications of other divisions, flat glass baths have a particularly specialized and delicate structure.

We have engineers and technicians on staff who can keep a close eye on the refractory expansions and steel movements during the tying process. We haven’t had any gaps between bricks or uncontrolled joint crushings as a result of poor expansion in any of the kilns we’ve built so far. This improves the comfort of the ovens while they are in use.